About our company

At the heart of our business is laid an effective management model for business projects in HVAC industry, which allows quickly provide our partners with not only modern and hi-tech climatic equipment, but also all needed information, service and marketing support. 

Strategic direction of our company is to supply high-quality and efficient equipment from leading manufacturers to create a comfortable climate and control it. The company offers a wide range of equipment for the construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems of any complexity. With years of experience and advanced technology, we help to create modern climate and ventilation systems. 

Aware of its social responsibility, our company has high environmental and technical requirements for the equipment it supplies. Established long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers, as well as multi-stage quality control system, performed by our engineers at manufacturing, allow improving the climate and ventilation equipment, refining its energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and adaptability. 

Every innovation, every decision is made with the sole purpose - to create a favorable atmosphere where people work, rest and live. 

One of the priority directions of our company is to create conditions for growth and development of partner-companies and their further information and technical support. Under this program, an International Climate Group team conducts workshops for professionals at all levels, and offers help to practice solutions, combining years of experience and modern technology. 

Mission of International Climate Group - provide comfortable climate business development for trade partners based on advanced technology, efficient engineering solutions, innovative marketing programs and modern logistics concepts. 

International Climate Group is your reliable partner on the HVAC market.

Business geography

International Climate Group (ICG) Company and its extensive dealer network are present in more than 60 cities of Russia.


"KLIMATPROF" company actively aims to create comfortable environment to live and relax, using modern engineering solutions in the field of air conditioning and ventilation. Focusing on the human health and environmental safety, it provides only high quality and reliable HVAC equipment from leading manufacturers. "KLIMATPROF" is the only authorized partner for supply and distribution of HVAC equipment brands FUJITSU ™ and LESSAR ™ in Russia. Besides, "KLIMATPROF" also offers large range of other well-known and internationally recognized air conditioning and ventilation equipment such as CARRIER, EMERSON, HANSA, HALTON, TROX and others. 

They are focused on long-term effective communication with our partners and provide: 

Free calls within Russia: 8 (800) 550-01-20
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